Neighborhood Associations Team Up for Children

by Charlie London
The Fairgrounds Triangle Neighborhood Association has worked diligently to oppose the sale of alcohol at 1544 Gentilly Boulevard. At its April 8th board meeting, the Faubourg St. John Neighborhood Association voted to oppose alcohol sales at 1544 Gentilly Boulevard.

no-drunk-zone1544 Gentilly is less than 50 feet from Olive Stallings Playground. Before the building was demolished, people consuming alcohol purchased from the store were constant fixtures in the playground. Now that the store is gone the quality of life in the surrounding neighborhood has improved exponentially.

So, what’s the problem? The store is gone. The problem is that the owner of the property wants to rebuild the building and once again have the lessee sell liquor across from a children’s playground.

The neighborhood associations, whose boundaries overlap at Stallings Playground, unilaterally oppose alcohol sales at 1544 Gentilly.