FSJNA Board Meeting April 8


BOARD MEETING | 1368 Moss Street
Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Cafeteria
7 pm | Monday | April 8

• The General Membership and the Executive and Advisory Board members shall behave in a courteous and respectful manner at all FSJNA meetings and other activities. The FSJNA may impose sanctions up to and including expulsion from the meeting or activity for violations of this section.
• A participant wishing to participate in an FSJNA meeting shall raise their hand and respectfully address the presiding officer, who will recognize participants as time on the agenda allows. Participants should state their name, address, and whether they are a member of FSJNA.
• Louisiana law (La. R.S. 42:23) allows this meeting to be recorded without consent of any participants. FSJNA will announce if a meeting is being recorded for FSJNA purposes

Committee Reports/Updates/Actions (if any)
• Public Safety – update
• Membership Outreach Committee – update
• Landscape Committee- update
• Re-Bridge – update
• Zoning Committee – update

Old Business
• Cultural district for Faubourg St. John update
• Esplanade repaving