April at Fair Grinds

by Wade Rathke
fairgrinds-rathkeApril is always a fantastic Fair Grinds month as spring bursts into final blooms and the Jazz and Heritage Fest knocks on our door, so let’s see what we have in store here for the month.

This month’s Fair Grinds Coffeehouse’s Dialogue on Tuesday evening, April 9th, is a special call for all of our poets and writers that make Fair Grinds so important in the New Orleans literary community. We are going to be discussing “artisanal” or self-publishing as an important modern tool thanks to advantages in technology. Glenn Smith from Birds in the Sky Press, one of the authors who has used self-publishing will testify about the experience, and I will share our experience with Social Policy Press. We have a theory that a lot of our Fair Grinds regulars and assorted randoms have things they have written from full blown books to family histories that need to find their way to print and the public. If this is true for any of you or folks you know, of if you are simply curious about how it all works, be there…

muffins-fairgrinds1aTuesday, April 9th – 7 PM

Fair Grinds Common Space – 2nd Floor

April as always is a musical month. Here’s the tentative schedule of coming musical attractions including local groups and talent from this area as well as folks from around the country. Check the Fair Grinds calendar at http://www.fairgrinds.com for more details on each performance.

Swamp Lillies – Sunday, April 7th 5 PM

Open Mic with Robert Eustis – Thursday, April 11th 7PM

Lips and Trips – Friday, April 19th 7:30 PM

Snail Party (Canada) – Saturday, April 21st 8 PM

Randy Harsey – Saturday, April 27th 7 PM

Linda Kolda and Work for Hire – Saturday, April 27th 9PM

McMain Piano Recital – Tuesday, April 30th 7PM

Getting the coffee cart ready to roll over the Dillard University for a couple of hours to introduce 100% fair trade, organic coffee at their annual Health and Sports Fair on Saturday, April 6th. The same night we have a new organization, DEAF-Louisiana doing a movie night in the Common Space.

Great to see people enjoying the balcony now that the weather is so nice.