It’s Magicly Delicious!


St. Patrick’s Day is this Sunday. Start celebrating the day right by enjoying a great brunch at one of the great restaurants right here in Faubourg St. John! Forget that cereal, go get a real breakfast at a real restaurant in Faubourg St. John. It’s magicly delicious!

Breakfast sandwiches like this and full breakfast meals are prepared daily at Canseco’s. Get there early for the best selection! Canseco’s opens at 7 a.m.
Everyday, one can buy a variety of quick breakfast options that are ready to go at Canseco’s Market. Pictured here is the ham, egg and cheese biscuit but grits, eggs and sausage are also available in full meals that are hot and pre-packaged ready to go.

And, at Fair Grinds there is all manner of fair trade coffee with a variety of ready to eat muffins waiting to be heated up for you.

But, the pièce de résistance for breakfast in Faubourg St. John is only available on Sundays. Both Cafe Degas and Santa Fe restaurants offer a Sunday brunch that should not be missed.

This meal, featuring home made biscuits, meat from Terranova’s all wonderfully prepared is only available from Santa Fe and only on Sundays!

Sunday brunch served 11am-3pm at
Santa Fe Restaurant at 3201 Esplanade.

Grillades and Grits consisting of veal cutlets with creole gravy, peppers, tomatoes, organic stone ground grits is just one of the many top quality offerings for Sunday brunch at Cafe Degas.
Click on the photo for a menu!

Sunday brunch at Cafe Degas
served 10:30am – 3:00pm at 3127 Esplanade.