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Workshop: BP Tourism Promotional Grant Walk-through


As part of the Settlement Agreement resulting from the Deepwater Horizon disaster, a $57 million fund, the Gulf Tourism and Seafood Promotional Fund (“Promotional Fund”), has been established to promote tourism and the seafood industries in Gulf Coast areas impacted by the Deepwater Horizon Incident. In particular, one of the primary purposes of this Promotional Fund is for the support of programs directed to advertising, promotion and/or marketing which supports Gulf tourism and the seafood industries. To assist cultural groups with applying for this grant, the Arts Council is holding a special workshop on Tuesday, March 19th. Presented by Aaron Ready, CPA with Hymel & Ready, along with the law firm of Sher-Garner, this workshop will assist applicants with:

Creating the budget narrative.

What financial documentation is required, and how to attain these documents.

Ensuring your organization is in compliance.

Plus your questions!

BP Tourism Promotional Grant Walk-through
Tuesday, March 19th, 4:00 to 5:00 p.m.
Arts Council of New Orleans
935 Gravier, Suite 850
Please RSVP to 504-523-1465.

The grant deadline is March 29th, so don’t delay! For more
information on the Promotional Fund, please click below: