Make Monday Memorable

National Service Day
with Harambee Community Gardens

You can make a difference by getting involved one community at a time.. VOLUNTEER at the Harambee-Dumaine Community Garden of New Orleans. Laini Kuumba Ngoma Troupe, Inc. is hosting a Community Clean Up Day & Harambe-Dumaine Garden Work Day at 2720 Dumaine Street in New Orleans.

Monday – January 21, 2013 | Meet Up Time – 9:30 am
Make a difference from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
at 2720 Dumaine Street in New Orleans.

To get involved call 281-806-0477 | email:
NEEDED: donations of trash bags, gloves and bottled water
Please contact – Sistah Rfuaw Diarra –> 281-806-0477

Faubourg St. John will soon have another
Community Garden at 2720 Dumaine Street.

Parkway Partners’ Urban Gardening Program includes Urban Farms, Community Gardens and Orchards, and some gardens may incorporate all of the above. The type of garden that is created is up to the community of people who are working the land.

Whether a garden is strictly a Community Garden or an Urban Farm that produces food that is sold at market, each of our gardens is positively affecting the community around it through food production, food desert eradication, community building and beautification.

Parkway Partners does emphasize “community first” in our work with urban gardens. Thus, in order to become an affiliated Parkway Partners Garden you must first demonstrate that the community wants, and will support the proposed garden. All gardens are a lot of work and we want to make sure that the land is going to be cared for.

Our Urban Gardens Program offers support for starting and maintaining a garden. This support includes: Guiding the garden founders through the process of approvals, landowner agreements, getting neighborhood support, garden design, soil assessments, etc.

The use of our greenhouse to start seeds, which includes the use of any seeds we may have on hand, trays and pots, and soil. We ask in return that you donate a percentage of your starts for us to circulate to our Schoolyard Gardens or Second Saturday programs.

Tools for borrowing: from wheel barrows to tillers and shovels, we loan our tools to affiliated Parkway Partners Urban and Schoolyard Gardens. We provide checkout guidelines.
Assistance rounding up volunteers- ranging from large groups to individuals
Connections to suppliers – we often receive calls from people with extra mulch, chicken feed, plants, etc., and we link that resource to our gardeners

Grant writing partnerships | Acting as your fiduciary agent
Promotion of any upcoming events on our website, newsletter and facebook page
We are a grant and donation funded non-profit organization. There are no fees whatsoever to become a Parkway Partners Garden. If you are an existing Parkway Partners Garden, please stay in touch and let us know how you are doing. We are better able to support you if we know your needs.

While we encourage sustainable methods of fertilization, pest control, rainwater harvesting, composting and soil building, it is up to the individual farms and gardens as to what they grow, and how they grow it.

Please let Parkway Partners know if you are interested in starting an Urban Garden. They are happy to speak with you and help you begin the process.

You can contact Susannah Burley, Program Director of Urban Gardens, Schoolyard Gardens and ReLeaf at: or 504 620 2224, ext 4.

Gardeners – Please consider sending your extra garden produce to Healthcare for the Homeless (HCH). Contact Thomas Ecker at for more information. See link below: