Election Results for December 8th

by Charlie London

The map above shows the precincts in Faubourg St. John. The precincts shown above are not an exact match to Faubourg St. John’s boundaries but are close. The December 8th vote was close in Faubourg St. John with 121 voting yes and 128 voting no for the additional fee for 911 upgrades.

The overall vote in Orleans Parish was almost 2 to 1 against with 9,046 votes cast for yes and 15,795 votes for no.


info below from State Representative Jared Brossett


This Saturday, December 8th all Orleans Parish residents will be asked to vote on a Parish-wide Proposition to allow the Orleans Parish Communication District, the agency that operates the city’s 9-1-1 emergency phone system to increase the fixed rate emergency telephone service charge for 9-1-1 services for all Orleans Parish residential and commercial service users, and wireless commercial mobile radio service connections.

The increase will take effect January 1, 2013 and will pay for upgrades to the 9-1-1 system. If the ballot measure is approved the increase will be as follows: proposing to charge $2 per month for residential lines and $3 for each commercial line, up from $1 and $2 respectively and to charge $1.26 per month for wireless phones, an increase from the current rate of 85 cents.

The city is in the process of revamping its emergency call operation to increase efficiency and allow all operators to handle police, fire and emergency medical services calls. The transition requires upgrades in technology and more training.

The new rates would bring in an estimated $7.45 million, and by law is to be used solely by the Orleans Parish Communications District for service improvements.

There has been an increase in 911 calls since Hurricane Katrina and having a modern and well staffed call center is essential to public safety. For more information on this measure check out the Times Picayune story here.

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