Real Troopers

Faubourg St. John was well represented in the 2012 class of Tree Troopers!

Faubourg St. John neighbors Bobby Wozniak, Jared Zeller, Linda Marshall and Charlie London all participated in the 2012 Tree Trooper training. Topics range from tree selection, to proper planting and pruning techniques, watering, pest and disease control, and garnering community support. Click on the names above to learn more about what Tree Troopers do!

Trained Tree Troopers then take their knowledge back to their communities and spearhead tree plantings, maintenance and pest control, thus improving their own neighborhoods. Besides replanting trees, this program is a community builder, bringing neighbors together while teaching environmental responsibility and ownership.

Parkway Partners always tries to enlist trained Tree Troopers when it plants trees in a neighborhood, as this better ensures the survival and longevity of the trees.

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Parkway Partners is a non-profit organization whose mission is to empower residents to improve their communities through the preservation, maintenance and beautification of neutral grounds, urban gardens, green spaces, playgrounds, parks and the urban forest in New Orleans.