Parkway Partners December Newsletter

Check your home landscape for Buck Moths pictured left. They are a sure sign of the need to treat your trees..

Parkway Partners offers the Save Our Trees program to care for trees: spraying, termite treatment and fertilization. Information will be mailed and posted to our website in January.

The insects are commonly found in deciduous trees like Oaks, Willows, Wild Cherries, and shrubs like azaleas, and are known to strip a landscape of its leaves. Older trees are especially prone to dying from an infestation, while younger trees often recover. However due to the caterpillars’ intense sting, people usually prefer to eradicate their landscape of these unwanted pests.

Now is the time to prune your trees.

Young trees should be studiously addressed to achieve the desired shape and encourage the dominant leader without bark inclusions. Please see the American Grove article for further information.

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