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The Popp fountain was built in 1937. Its artistic design was proposed by an artist named Enrique Alferez. As with most of the fountains around the world, the Popp fountain was heartily donated by one of the locals of the city. In the year 1928, a total sum of $25,000 was given as a gift to the city. The kind people behind the possible building of the Popp fountain were Mrs. Rebecca Grant Popp and her dear sister, Isabel Grant. They helped in the creation financially merely not just the fountain itself but also on the beautification and maintenance necessities that the fountain needed. The fountain was all the same, dedicated to the generous sisters, hence the name Popp Memorial Fountain.

Talking about the designs of the Popp Fountain, the structure itself stretches to a measurement of 60 feet and that is quite wide. The artistic Enrique Alferez put up leaping dolphins that spectacularly spout water into the air to a maximum of 30 feet, and that is half the size of the fountain area. The artistically designed dolphins were made up of cast bronze. There is an upper and a lower public walk that encircle the fountain. These walkways are engulfed in Corinthian columns in which they add up to the beautiful surroundings to the fountain. There is also placement of different green plants all over the path, in such a way that they create a warm ambience around the fountain’s area.

Without a doubt, the fountain has become a main attraction in the urban. With its lust sculpture design and the gifts of nature put together, there is nothing more to be asked for the gorgeous Popp fountain. The park where the Popp fountain is standing has more of a private approach. The park which is an 11-acre site eventually has been the locals’ favorite place to be in the time of important events such as weddings, or just the simple family and friends’ gathering.

Over the years, the Popp fountain also suffered what humans are suffering from, and it is the “Tear and Wear” phenomena. The Popp fountain has experienced a number of both natural and man-made destructions. As historic and as a masterpiece of pride for the locals, the Popp fountain really needs its restoration in one way or another. Thus, the call for beautification and restoration parties is sought after. As a result, the Popp fountain was back to its original beauty in the year 1999. But, unfortunately, it was inevitably damaged by the hurricane named Katrina, and so restoration plans and methods are for a second time required for the famous Popp fountain.

Other than that, the fountain also has its savior and this is no other than the local people. There are good-hearted organizations that answered the call for Popp’s renovation, like that of the Starwood Hotel. This organization’s movement is called the “Operation CPR: City Park Restoration, Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide” which resuscitates or relives the original state of the Popp fountain.

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