Restoring the Bayou Canopy

by Jared Zeller

The MotherShip Foundation announces a new campaign to replace four live oak trees along Bayou St. John between Dumaine and Lafitte streets this fall.

Two live oaks were lost during Hurricane Katrina while Isaac has taken another two. These live oaks as well as the former cypress forest have provided shade and improved the quality of New Orleans residents for decades, if not centuries.

The MotherShip Foundation is seeking partnerships to help accomplish this mission. Preliminary projections have put the project at nearly $30,000. The Department of Parks and Parkways encourages maintenance agreements on any tree planted in a public space. The service contract ensures proper watering and guarantees the trees for one year. Planting of 300 gallon trees is proposed to fit the scale of the location. Trees may be dedicated or sponsored by businesses and individuals. Tree sponsors will receive an engraved plaque placed near the trunk.

Why Trees are Important to the Urban Landscape:
Community Benefits | Environmental Benefits | Economic Benefits | Social Benefits

Trees add beauty and character to our cities
Trees provide us with color, flowers and beautiful shapes
Trees soften the harshness and angular look of city streets
Trees give us privacy
Trees, like all green plants, use carbon dioxide and convert and release life giving oxygen.
Trees can screen and unpleasant view
Trees enhance a beautiful view
Trees slow down or divert strong winds
Trees can increase property values
Trees provide jobs
Trees inspire us
Trees cool through transpiration
Trees provide an oasis where family and friends may gather
Trees increase pride in the local community
Trees are natural air conditioners.
Trees help clean the air by trapping dirt, grit and dust, and by absorbing other pollutants
Trees provide habitats and food for birds and other urban wildlife

To sponsor a tree or get involved in the project, e-mail

Your support helps us continue the mission to encourage social change by improving the quality of life in New Orleans through the promotion of arts, culture, and recreation.

Updates about the progress of the project will be sent out monthly.

–The Team at MotherShip