Let’s Get This Straight

During hurricanes, limbs and branches of trees can be split, cracked or broken from high winds and heavy rain. Damaged limbs should be removed as soon as possible.

Tree Troopers like Bobby Wozniak, trained through the Parkway Partners program, are guiding volunteers in righting trees throughout the city and encourage volunteers to join them.

Bobby Wozniak is organizing a small group to stake tress that were severely tilted. A volunteer with a truck is needed.

Tree straightening will start this Sunday on Broad, in between deluges. The saturated ground makes this a perfect time. Some of the new trees were either planted wrong, or didn’t have enough root spread yet. The project has been approved by Parks and Parkways.

Call Bobby at 504.452.0386 if you can help and give him the times you are available and a phone number where you can be reached.

Jean Fahr, Executive Director of Parkway Partners says, “Many of our city’s recently planted trees were blown over by the combined jeopardy of high winds and saturated soil from Hurricane Isaac. Volunteer action is needed to straighten trees as soon as possible. Trees blown off axis have exposed root systems that will dry out, and the trees will perish very quickly as we move into a drier season.

New Orleans has made such progress in planting trees on major corridors and along streets since Hurricane Katrina. To lose these newly planted trees after the winds of Hurricane Isaac would be a great tragedy. Trees add to the viability of the city by cleaning the air, removing storm water, providing shade and much more.

The trees that can be set straight are usually under 5 years old, and straightening can be done by a group of energetic volunteers. The tree may require staking, which should be removed as the tree begins to recover, as this will strengthen the root system.

The staff at the Department of Parks and Parkways is guiding volunteers on important neutral ground locations that need immediate attention. With more than 700 trees blown over on neutral grounds and in parks, volunteer assistance is essential to complete the job.”