Armed Robbery

by Warren Guidry

If you see a person who looks like the guy on the attached photos riding a bike, wearing what this guy was wearing, with the same height, body mass and posture, and/or casing the area please call the NOPD at 821-2222 and the Fairgrounds Patrol at 251-0276 or 251-0111 to report a suspicious character.

Attached are distant security camera photos of the (alleged) criminal in armed robbery the 1300 Block of N. Gayoso around 9pm last night, next to the Hare Krishna property. attached. We provided a video clip of the event to an NOPD officer around 10:30 pm after he rang our doorbell as we returned from the Saints game.

Our neighbor went out to her car and let her Great Dane enter the back seat. She entered the car to drive out. A young black man on a bike drove by, looked toward her. She waited in her car for a while.

He dropped his bike about 25 feet ahead of her next to the Hare Krishna fence. She turned on her car lights and he walked back to her car door and robbed her. He wore a sleeveless t-shirt, long dark pants pulled down below his ass, and a light colored baseball cap. He walked back to his bike and drove across Esplanade and disappeared on LePage St. headed toward Broad.

The victim told the police officer she asked Hare Krishna members who were standing in the front yard during the incident if they saw anything and they denied seeing it.

This appears to be a crime of opportunity, hedged by a criminal riding around to see where he might strike. It’s a shame that we have to rush to our cars and take off right away to avoid these types of circumstances. And it’s more of a predicament that we need to think about whether we should run over people who drive past us, drop their bikes, and then come toward us. But that’s where we are these days.

Warren Guidry

Case Number: H4004712
Date: 8/25/2012 9:04 PM
Location: 1300 BLOCK OF N GAYOSO ST

Could be related… check out the post below from July 2nd…

An intruder was recently caught on security cameras on two different nights breaking and entering. Please call 911 if you see this man.

Jared Zeller writes,
“The thief appears to strike between 3-5am. He wears light baggy clothes and a wide brim hat. He likes to go in the cars and root around while visiting. I have footage of him coming on 5/31 and 6/5. He has short hair, thin mustache, and a little chin hair. He appears to be working alone.”