Morning Call to Locate in City Park

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One of New Orleans’ oldest coffee stands will open up a shop within city limits, marking a return after almost 40 years without a shop in the Crescent City.

Plans are under way to open a Morning Call Coffee Stand in the old casino building at City Park. There is no target date, but it should open to the public sometime this fall, according to City Park officials.

The stand, established in 1870, prospered for more than 100 years on Decatur Street in the French Quarter. In 1974, the stand moved to its current location in Metairie.

The new Morning Call Coffee Stand will be open 24/7.


Café au lait and beignets will soon be served within the Casino Building at
New Orleans City Park. Morning Call Coffee Stand will be updating the
concession area of the Casino Building over the next several weeks and plans
to open to the public in the fall.

Morning Call will be open 24/7 and will offer ice cream, jambalaya, gumbo,
and other fare in addition to coffee and beignets.

Restrooms will be open via the rear of the building during construction as
will the gift shop. The park will be selling light refreshments during the
construction phase.

Appealing to an eclectic and colorful clientele, Morning Call offers a
unique and traditional experience. The rich chicory coffee is brewed using
the time tested “French drip method” which allows the coffee to build
intensity and body. Whole milk is heated to a near boil then mixed with the
coffee to form the quintessential café au lait.

The beginets, also referred to as “French market donuts” are hand rolled and
cut before being plunged into hot oil. The result is a light, delicate
treat that is liberally dusted with powdered sugar and is well-known as an
irresistible New Orleans creation.

Originally located on Decatur Street in the world famous French Quarter,
Morning Call prospered for over 100 years before moving to Jefferson Parish
in 1974.

““Who doesn’t love a steaming café au lait with a delicious side of
beignets?”,” said Bob Becker, CEO of City Park. “What better place to enjoy
them than at City Park adjacent to century old oak trees and abundant open

“It’s truly an honor and a privilege to be able to combine two New Orleans
institutions, Morning Call Coffee Stand and City Park, in a new venture,
Morning Call in the Oaks, located in the old Casino Building. Open 24
hours, we’ are looking forward to creating a new tradition in one of New
Orleans’ most beautiful settings. “We are looking forward to seeing everyone
enjoying café au lait and beignets under the oaks!”, said Mike and Bob
Hennessey, Proprietors of Morning Call.

John Hopper
New Orleans City Park
Chief Development Officer +
Public Affairs Director