by Nick Kindel

Below is information from Nick Kindel about the proposed Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance.

First go to the proposed zoning maps. Faubourg St. John is located in Planning District 4. Here is the link to the zoning maps…

Look at the black and blue lines which show the boundaries of the proposed zoning districts. The letters are the ‘code’ that tells you the zoning from the property. Sometimes there is more than one code (ie HU-RD1/HU-RD2), this means that City Planning is trying to decide which zone they will apply to that area (this is a great opportunity to provide your input). Then you can go to the zoning code text which will tell you the uses allowed in each zone, the height, bulk, and setback requirements for buildings in the zoning. Here is the link to the proposed Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance text…

You will find the regulations for most of the zones in Faubourg St. John in Articles 11 and 12 for Historic Urban Neighborhoods Residential/Non-residential zones. Other zones can be found in other articles (like OS-N is in Article 7 for Open Space). A couple of other important sections to look at is Article 20 (Use Standards), which has specific development standards for certain uses (like gas stations and child care centers just to name a few) and Article 21 (Onsite Development Standards) which has development standards (for example lighting and environmental standards) for all uses. Other sections get into more details and requirements for signs (Article 24) and parking (Article 22).

City Planning is trying to move away from overlay zones in the new Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance. There is a section on overlay zones (Article 18), but there are only a few remaining overlay zones in the new Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance, and I did not see any in the vicinity of Faubourg St. John.

The zoning code is very long and it can be complex, so please let me know if you have any questions. I am willing to go through the proposed zoning code with people if they want me to.

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This is a map of the boundaries of the Faubourg St. John Neighborhood Association.
FSJNA’s boundaries are:
Onzaga to Orleans and North Broad to North Carrollton.


Faubourg St. John, established in 1708, is a neighborhood located
just north of Broad Street at the intersection of Orleans Avenue.

It is approximately 75 city blocks in area and has an average elevation of about 1 foot above sea level. Not bad when you consider about half of New Orleans is several feet under sea level. More than 4,000 residents call Faubourg St. John home.

One of New Orleans’ finest neighborhoods, Faubourg St. John is famous for its stately trees, abundant parks, spectacular homes, world-class museums, vibrant bayou, excellent restaurants and fine shops throughout the neighborhood especially along its business districts on Ponce de Leon and Broad Streets.

Faubourg St. John contains the full range of residential uses, fun and friendly business districts, office space, a wide range of medical services and a small amount of light industrial property. This full range of land use, plus the economic and ethnic diversity of the neighborhoods’ population qualifies Faubourg St. John as a premier destination.

“Where Big Dreams Grow!”