Get Your Streetlight Right Here

photo by Charlie London

Mayor Landrieu announced earlier this year that all streetlights in the City of New Orleans will be fixed by 2013!

Steps to get your streetlight fixed:
1) Call 311 with BOTH the number on the pole AND the address nearest the pole. (about 6ft up — has 2 letters and 3 numbers i.e. PQ103)

2) Ask for the item number for the streetlight you called in with the pole number and address.

3) Send the POLE NUMBER, ADDRESS, and
ITEM NUMBER to –> info at fsjna dot org

This summer the city will “go live” with its online tracking system. So, getting an item number is important because citizens will be able to track the progress of the work on the city’s website.

The Department of Public Works is responsible for the construction, maintenance, and administration of transportation elements affecting vehicular, pedestrian, and rail movement within the public right-of-way in New Orleans. This includes repairs to potholes in the city’s streets, maintenance of street lights, cleaning of catch basins, parking enforcement, maintenance of street signs and traffic signals, issuance of street closure permits and towing of abandoned vehicles among other duties.