Curb Painting Illegal

This morning (Jan 13, 2011) a young man was distributing flyers around the neighborhood extolling the virtues of painting the curb.
Please be advised this practice is illegal. However, the N.O.P.D. does encourage everyone to have large, highly visible numbers on their residence so it can easily be found in case of emergency.

You can see a short video of the flyer distributor below and the actual flyer at the bottom of this post.
Link to young man distributing flyers.

It is not legal to paint curbs.

I’ve confirmed this with the head of the Traffic Division of Public Works Department. Section 154-242 (a) (4) of City Code prohibits unauthorized markings that may interfere with traffic. Here is the link:
Thank you for inquiring about this.
Amy Chandler
Deputy Chief of Staff
Councilmember Susan Guidry
New Orleans City Council, District “A”