Donation of City Property

As the recovery progresses, consideration of what makes
New Orleans unique is paramount to retaining the character and ambiance people flock from around the world to see.

2552 St. Philip Street is just one of many city owned properties threatened with extinction.
It’s hard for the city to be genuine in its pursuit of derelict
properties when city-owned historically significant properties
like 2552 St. Philip are systematically being demolished by neglect.

I believe a plan should be formulated to sell city owned historic properties at a discount
(or DONATED) to entities which pledge to restore them properly.

The property at 2552 St. Philip is eligible for significant tax credits (50%) according to the
Office of Cultural Development/Division of Historic Preservation if
it is donated/sold to a private entity and then restored and put
into commercial use. A public/private partnership that would
restore city-owned historically significant properties and make
them commercially viable at the same time is a win for the city, bringing jobs and tax revenue and a win for preservation by
retaining significant parts of our cultural heritage.

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