City Demolishes Property by Neglect

Below is a link to the city owned property at 2552 St. Philip.

This property falls within the Bayou Road African American Heritage
Cultural District. It is currently owned by the City of New Orleans.

It would be wonderful if the city would concede to donating this property to someone willing to restore it. It is just too great an asset to let the city continue to demolish it by neglect.

I contacted the city about a month ago to see if it could be restored
to its best use – a police station but the city is not
interested. Getting someone to purchase it is unlikely because it is surrounded by blight and crime.

Donating to some entity that would restore it makes sense.

Because 2552 St. Philip is located within a cultural development/
historic preservation district it can qualify for a 50% tax credit
(25% state, 25% federal) IF it is privately owned and used for
commercial purposes.

The new owner needs to operate a business there for 5 years. If it
is privately owned and used as residential then only a 25% tax credit

As you can see from the picture in the link,
this is a very beautiful building that the city is demolishing by

How can we convince the city to sell or donate this property to a
commercial entity willing to restore it? Do you know any large corporate entity
that would be willing to take on such a project? The city values the
property at over a million dollars.

The property is right on the line between District A and District C.

Below is a link to a google map indicating the location of 2552 St. Philip Street

In the link below you will see 2552 St. Philip Street indicated on the Council Districts map.

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